# Schema Field Type Reference

See below for a list of all of the field types available in Apostrophe along with a brief description of their input. Click through to each for a complete description of its function, properties, and reference code to help you use them in your project.

Field Input Description
area One or more content widgets (glossary entry)
array An array of structured content using its own field schema
attachment File upload
boolean true or false
checkboxes Multi-select checkbox options
color Color selection
date Date entry, stored in YYYY-MM-DD format
email Email address
float A floating point number
integer A whole number, whether positive or negative
object A sub-object of structured content using its own field schema
oembed Media URL to be embedded via the oEmbed format (opens new window)
password Text entry that obscures input
radio Single value selection with a radio input interface
range A floating point number with a sliding interface
relationship One or more related content docs (pieces or pages)
relationshipReverse Reveals the "other side" of a relationship
select Single value selection with a dropdown interface
slug Text string value that is converted on save to lowercase and hyphenated
string Simple text string
time Time entry, stored in HH:MM:SS format
url Text input requiring URL structure
dateAndTime A toggle button and two inputs for date and time, stored in ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ