# boolean

A boolean field is a simple "True/False" choice. The value stored in the database will be either true or false.

# Module field definition

// Configuring a `isSpecial` field in a module's `fields.add` subsection:
isSpecial: {
  label: 'Is this a special item?',
  type: 'boolean'

# Settings

# Required

Property Type Default Description
label String n/a Sets the visible label for the field in the UI
type String n/a Specifies the field type (boolean for this type)

# Optional

Property Type Default Description
def Boolean n/a The default value for the field
help String n/a Help text for the content editor
htmlHelp String n/a Help text with support for HTML markup
if Object {} Conditions to meet before the field is active. See the guide for details.
required Boolean false If true, the field is mandatory
readOnly Boolean false If true, prevents the user from editing the field value
toggle Boolean/Object n/a If set to true or a configuration object, the field will use an alternate "toggle" interface. See below.

# Customizing boolean field labels

We can change labels for the boolean input using a toggle object. The user interface will use the values of true and false properties on the object as labels.

showRelatedArticles: {
  label: 'Should the page display related articles?',
  type: 'boolean',
    true: 'Show related articles',
    false: 'Hide related articles'

# Use in templates

<!-- To print the value: -->
{{ data.piece.isSpecial }}
<!-- or use it in a conditional: -->
<button class="{% if data.piece.isSpecial %}is-special{% endif %}">